Klang und Präsenz
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The training at the 'Lichtenberger Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie' is the basis for my approach to voice pedagogy. Experience in the areas of theatre including directing, acting, recitation, and performance, round out my repertoire.

A competent approach to one’s own voice requires self- observation along with instruction, theory and practice. The connection between practical experience and basic knowledge facilitates the day to day experience with the voice. Using practical exercises the participants are able to understand how the voice works and to become aware and expand the potential of their voices. Basic knowledge and competence in the use of the voice are taught.

The human body is an extremely vital instrument – thanks to our nervous system its resonance capacity can be sensorially perceived. Vocal presence evolves from a differentiated perception of the interior of the body and the ability to experience that in connection with the sound of the voice. This is done in a stepwise fashion during the instruction, so that the voice is experienced as more voluminous, sonorous or energetic. The work contains practical and audible physiology. Verbal expression and comprehensibility freely and effortlessly develop from a self-organizing voice. The ability to convey content as well as levels of meaning increases with the awareness of the connection between sound and the body.

Some questions which our work together addresses:

How do I deal with vocal challenges?
What constitutes the carrying capacity of the voice?
What is „sensory consciousness“?
How is vocal expression created?
What is body resonance?
What is the relationship of sound and presence?
What constitutes the right physical state of the body - the tonus?
How does breathing react?
What does the interaction of artistic questions, like interpretation, or role playing and vocal physiological knowledge look like?
What is the connection between the sense organs and the voice?
What can I do for my voice?
How do I deal with jitters?
How do I speak in front of an audience?
How do I achieve comprehensibility?
The seminars provide an opportunity for a limited amount of individual work by appointment for interpretation, performance situations or role playing. The individuality of the voice is thereby taken into account, because not every exercise is good for every voice.
Other subjects are: versatility, verbal shaping and expression, artistic shaping of speech, stage presence, authenticity and liveliness of delivery.
Courses can be given in German, Spanish and English
see also the links at: www.impuls-theater.de