Klang und Präsenz
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Our voice

orients to the outside and inside from a physiological standpoint. A sustainable pitch is not only appreciated by those who hear it – it also benefits the person producing it.
Speaking and singing are vital expressions, which because of our desire to form and optimize we more or less consciously want to determine.
The desire to be heard frequently mobilizes forces which are at odds with the voice. These can become habits or strains which hamper the use of our voices.
Our senses can provide external as well as internal orientation. This ability suggests a sensory dialogue with the voice. It brings us into contact with the interior of our bodies and with our voices. The vocal function can find paths to natural balance. The larynx is relieved.
We can hear the effects of these self organisations in the ease and vocal presence we hear in the sound of the voice. The breathing function cooperates with these processes.
Speech tempo, pitch, carrying capacity, phonetics, expression, and comprehensibility all gain from this approach. The use of the voice in a foreign language is also easier.
Lessons can be taught in German, Spanish and English.
You may contact me by email at: stimme@klang-und-praesenz.de