Klang und Präsenz
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Susanne Schwarz


I work as a voice teacher, stage director and pedagogue for musical theatre / opera (also in cooperation with the Staatstheater Mainz). I am the artistic director of Impuls-Theater since its foundation 1998 and of Theater Streu Licht since 2018

Professional background: 

Studies of voice pedagogy (certificate of the Lichtenberger Institute for Applied Voice Physiology)

Musical theatre transmision at the ISIM (certificate of the Institute for Scenical Interpretation of Music and Theatre) in Berlin.

Studies at J. W. v. Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Vienna University and Ludwig-Maximilian Universität Munich: dramatics, German and French literature and ethnology, masters degree 1988

Theater Pedagogy

Scholarship from DAAD in Mexico City, stops along the way to work and study in Columbia, France, England, Israel, Spain and Mexico.